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Fat man naked (the Naked People project)

From Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog comes a mention of this German photographer's "Naked People" project. The slide show's images are heavily skewed towards thinner, younger women and men, but there was this man (click pic below for the NSFW "without-clothes" version):

I find the photograph cold and not terribly erotic. Maybe that's the photographer's point, to demystify the body, to turn it from "nude" to "naked?" If so, it's not a philosophy with which I agree; I prefer to see a naked man's image always connected to something, be it another person, or an emotion, or a place of significance. Or give us some sign of what he's thinking. There's enough clinical detachment when fat bodies are concerned; I prefer warmth and emotional connection, such as shown in just about anything by bitterlawngnome; for instance this NSFW set.

However, like Samuel Johnson's dancing dog (while "it is not done well, you are surprised to find that it is done at all"), at least a fat man was included in the mix. Also, while the image is cold, it also lacks the hysterical emotionalism so often conveyed in images of fat bodies. His fat body isn't singled out for special speculation or inspection, but rather shown as a body like any other.

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